Chapter Philanthropy and Service

  The ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha at Colorado State University work to raise awareness and support for our national philanthropy, Breast Cancer Education and Awareness. Whether it involves passing out pink ribbons at NFL football games, Passing out shower cards to the community, or Raising money at our annual events we always have the importance of Breast Cancer Education and Awareness in mind!

Our Events:

Think Pink Gala

New this year, Zeta is hosting a Think Pink Gala! This gala is open to all members and parents, as well as alumnae! The gala is a great way to meet fellow sisters and family while raising money for our national philanthropy, Breast Cancer Education and Awareness. 

Carnival for a Cause

Our past fall philanthropy event was a carnival held in the Zeta Tau Alpha parking lot, where members of the community were able to donate towards our philanthropy by buying carnival tickets. With those, they were able to play games and win prizes!

National Think Pink:

Since 1992 Zetas have distributed 9.8 million shower cards with instructions of the proper method for breast self-examination (BSE). This has spread the message of early detection in campuses across the country as well as into communities both here and abroad. In 2000, ZTA members began to distribute the Breast Self Examination calendar reminder stickers as an added tool for promoting regular breast self-examination. Since then, more than 7 million BSE calendar reminder stickers have been distributed. THINK-PINK! Ribbons were added to the breast cancer education and awareness promotions in 1997. Since that time, 5 million have been distributed. The ribbons are attached to information cards conveying the message of early detection as the key to survival and a greater quality of life. People wear the ribbons to show awareness of and support for those who are survivors of breast cancer and to remember those who lost the fight against this disease. 

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