Emma Saxton


Emma oversees all aspects of chapter operations and chapter reporting. She makes sure that each member receives all the benefits of ZTA membership. She hard working dedicated and passionate her ZTA journey.

Abbey Kelleher

Vice President 1 - Coordinator of Committees

Abbey plans and coordinates a strong, well-balanced chapter program that is relevant to the needs and desires of the chapter. She serves as the chairman of Program Council and acts as the liaison between PC and EC.

Logan Honea

Vice President 2 - New Member Experience

Logan is responsible for preparing new members for a lifetime association with Zeta Tau Alpha. She is in charge of organizing, coordinating, and executing a strong new member program that blends the interests, aims, and activities of the new members and the initiated members into a unified whole.

Claire Cortesy

Vice President 3- Membership Chairman

Claire is in charge of our recruitment, both in the fall and spring. She helps the women prepare for recruitment by facilitating workshops and helps guide the chapter through the busy week.

Rhia Walker

Director of Philanthropy and Service

Rhia is in charge of running and raising money for philanthropy events, while also keeping the chapter updated and informed about breast cancer education and awareness.

Sara Kaufman


Sara assists with the budgeting process and is an active member of Executive Committee. She also reviews and approves expenditures by chapter officers before the funds are spent, according to the budget. She educates all on the importance of every chapter member’s contribution to the chapter resources. She works with the Director of Philanthropy to get the chapter’s fundraising efforts off on the right foot and help to guide the process of collecting and submitting funds. She maintains and monitors the financial health of the overall chapter.

Hailey Finch


Hailey is in charge of overseeing all official chapter social media accounts. She makes sure the chapter is keeping in touch with the community and maintaining up to date information.

Beth Mckelvy


Beth is in charge of planning and overseeing all of our rituals. She helps remind all of the members of their love for Zeta and their reasons for joining such a wonderful organization.

Emily Lauman

Panhellenic Delegate

Emily acts as the link between our chapter and the rest of Fraternity and Sorority Life on our campus. She encourages members to attend external events and promotes Greek love throughout the community.

Rachel Allan

Risk Reduction and Education.

Rachel is in charge of keeping our chapter healthy and out of trouble. She strives to keep everyone in our chapter safe!

Sophi Ward

Director of Academic Achievement

Sophia helps our women achieve their academic goals by leading academic workshops and organizing study hours. Her motivation helps girls to stay focused on academics and always try their hardest.

Olivia Chevalier

House Manager

Olivia is in charge of all operations within the chapter facility. She manages housing contracts and maintains strong working relationships with the house director and staff.

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