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Hello Ladies,

To the freshman joining us at Colorado State University, congratulations on your admissions and welcome to one of the best and most exciting times of your life.  To any sophomores and juniors, welcome back!  We are so excited that you have found an interest in potentially joining the Greek Community at CSU.  Each year, our community continues to grow and become stronger.  Zeta Tau Alpha is one of the eight Panhellenic Sororities on our campus.    All 8 of these sororities can offer you a unique experience to your college years, unmatched by anything else.

While joining any sorority is a huge commitment, my sisters and I have found that it is worthwhile.  At Zeta Tau Alpha, we try our best to foster a fun-loving and accepting environment.  I can truly say that I can walk into a room full of any of my sisters and feel like I belong.  While individuality and unique passions are celebrated in our chapter, our members our bound together by the strength of our sisterhood.  

Our chapter is dynamic, always progressing and improving.  We are looking for women that could make a difference by helping us to become better.  Whether that is by being a future leader, offering a different way of thinking, or by being a supportive and kind sister, we want our members to feel like they can be any self that they choose.  We can’t wait to see our chapter take the next step.

We at Zeta Tau Alpha hope you continue to explore your interest in joining the Greek community at CSU.  I can honestly say that I have found my home at ZTA, and so many of my sisters would agree.  I wish you all the best with your time here at CSU, and I hope you find the place where you belong.

We hope to see you again,

Claire Cortesy

Vice President of Membership and Recruitment


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